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The studio rate is $50.00 per hour. You can purchase a 5 Hour Block of time for $250. and the SIXTH hour is FREE! There is no limit on how many blocks you can purchase. 


$349 Artist or Band gig demo PACKAGE

5 hours to record, 3 hours to mix/master, 


$295 Songwriter PACKAGE

5 hours to record your original songs, 2 hours to mix/master 


$295 Vocalist/SongWriter PACKAGE

We create and produce music for your original song: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Strings, whatever the song needs!   3 hours to produce the music, 1-2 hours for your vocals/instruments & one hour to mix and master


$499 Day in the Studio PACKAGE

8 hours to record, 4 hours mix/mastering, plus 10 CDS. The 12 hours can be split into multiple sessions.


$1495 CD Album PACKAGE

40 total hours of recording and mixing time, giving you 25 hours recording, leaving 15 hours for mixing/mastering, which is usually enough time to produce a 10 song CD, SAVING YOU $505 over the regular studio rate! NEED CDS? Add on $750.00 for 500 REAL CDs (NOT CDRs) with full-color packaging!


Mixing and Mastering - $100 per song

if recorded at another studio or your home studio


Mastering your CD tracks:

$10.00 per minute of audio.


Call me at 513-607-9855/email for a DEMO CD and HEAR the difference


Listen to some audio samples.

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