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I've recorded, mixed and mastered over 500 albums in my over 25 years in the business, including 2 national releases, one of which was nominated for a Grammy award, and both made the Billboard charts. I also recorded two CD's that got the 2 artists signed to major labels. I have recorded single artist demos and band demos to get gigs, EP's and full CD's for local and regional sales, Spoken-word and Books on CD, commercials and corporate work, singers using tracks, I've done sound restoration projects for law enforcement and the legal system, transfers from tapes and cassettes to CD's, live CD's in the Performing Arts Center at Willis Music, and on location, and have recorded, mixed and mastered all genres of music. 


Remember, you'll be listening to these samples as MP3 files. I would be happy to send you an audio CD of my work, and I recommend that you get a demo CD from ANY studio you're considering for your project, and LISTEN! Because ALL that matters is the SOUND!


Listen now to some of my audio samples.




Listen to some audio samples.

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