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TOP TEN reasons to record at the SoundWorkshop:


10. Buying recording equipment doesn't make you a recording engineer, any more than buying a guitar turns you into a guitarist. It takes knowledge and experience! I've got 34 years worth! 

9. Your recording can't sound any better than the mics! Inexpensive microphones gets you a beautiful pristine recording of a crappy, cheap mic. I've got about 25 studio quality mics!

8. You need GOOD accurate studio monitors with a subwoofer, or you can't HEAR what you're recording or mix accurately and good monitors are expensive! I have 2 sets of monitors with a subwoofer. 

7. The acoustics of the room you record in has a HUGE effect on your recordings. I have an acoustically-designed studio and control room.

6. How many inputs (NOT tracks) can the studio record at one time? If you're a band you'll need 8 for drums, 1 for bass, 2-4 for guitars, 2 for each keyboard, one for lead vocals -       AT LEAST 16 inputs, or you can't play at one time! And musicians play better together!

5. In a studio you're buying time! If the studio charges $20 an hour, but takes 4 hours to accomplish what I can do in an hour, you pay them MORE than my studio, and get less!

4. Plug-ins and virtual instruments are great. They sound maybe 75-80% as good as the real thing! BUT THEY'RE NOT REAL! And do you want that last 20%??? I have a Hammond B3 organ and Leslie speaker, a Mapex real wood studio drum sets, a Mesa Boogie amp, a Fender Strat, Gibson Nighthawk and Martin acoustic guitar. Also have a large MIDI system, and hundreds of plug-ins.

3. I'm an engineer and producer with 34 years of experience, with national releases including a Grammy-nominated CD!  I'm also a musician, I play electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards, and can arrange your music for you.    I know how to make instruments sound good! 

2. You are dealing with the Owner of the studio and repeat business has been what has kept me in business for 34 years. I stand by my services and work and will make sure you are happy with recording at the SoundWorkshop! 

1. The best rate isn't always the best deal! And recording isn't a do-it-yourself job! If you're serious about your music, you need a serious, professional recording studio!

Here you will find a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not among them, just contact me using the Contact Form.

How long will it take to record a CD?

I wish I could tell you! It really depends on you - How long will it take you to play it to the level that you want to achieve? And what type of project are you recording!


Singing to pre-recorded tracks?

Recording a solo instrument?

A vocalist and instrumentalist recording a demo to get gigs?

Or are you making a full CD to sell at gigs?

A band doing a demo CD to get gigs? 

Or are you recording an EP or full CD to sell at gigs

A songwriter doing a demo of your composition?

A band doing a demo or CD to present to record companies?


Each type of project has a different time frame to record depending on what level you want to get to.


Here are some guidelines. but remember, it can go MUCH faster if you are prepared, and can take MUCH longer if you aren't! 


Vocals with pre-recorded tracks - about 15 minutes to one hour per song


Solo instrument - about 15 minutes to one hour per song


Singer and solo instrumentalist (acoustic guitar, piano, etc.)  - about one half hour to one hour per song


If you're doing a project for fun, the bar isn't as high as if you are recording a Demo to get gigs. Remember, a demo is the only way for a venue to hear you and book you, so it needs to sound very good and "polished" and also has to LOOK good to get you gigs. I've had single artists do a GOOD demo CD in a 6 hour block of time, and I've had bands do a GOOD demo in 10 or 12 hours.


A solo vocalist/instrumentalist doing a 10 song CD to sell usually takes 10-20 hours


A band doing a CD to SELL locally usually takes around 20-30 hours


A demo or CD to try to get a record deal HAS TO SOUND AS GOOD AS A COMMERCIAL CD! The major labels get about 300 CD's a DAY! THAT'S OVER 100,000 CD's a YEAR! And they sign 5 or 6 new artists per year! You have about 30 seconds to impress them! SO it HAS to be REALLY good, and therefore takes longer.


WHAT I CAN GUARANTEE you that as fast as you can play it right,

I'll have it recorded right! I have the experience and the gear accomplish that!


I will also master your CD as I'm mixing it, so you have a FINISHED product ready to duplicate. I can also get your CD's made including graphics and packaging if you need it




Prepare, rehearse, and know EXACTLY what you want to record! Then rehearse some more! Then go to a real recording studio, with an experienced engineer, who has the acoustic space, enough quality mics to record you at one time, and years of mixing and mastering experience to guide you through the recording process as QUICKLY and therefore as inexpensively as possible!





VERY easy! Ask whatever studio you are considering to send you a DEMO CD of their work! Then sit down and listen on a good audio system. That will tell you what you need to know


Please call me, email me or fill out the contact form. Ill be glad to answer any questions you have, meet with you and show you the studio, and send you a demo CD of my work 


Listen to some audio samples.

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