Cincinnati's most Unique Recording Studio The SoundWorkshop A Recording Studio in a Performance Hall
Cincinnati's most Unique Recording Studio                                   The SoundWorkshop A Recording Studio in a Performance Hall  

The studio is in a 150 seat Performance Hall

Live recording OR studio recording and video!


Record a "Live" CD for free. Let me tell you how!


When you are picking a studio, consider this:


The best rate isn't necessarily the best DEAL!

When you record, you're buying TIME!

A professional studio saves you time and money!


If it takes 5 hours in an inexpensive studio to accomplish what takes ONE hour in a professional studio, it actually costs you MORE money! An experienced engineer with enough QUALITY microphones, the right equipment, accurate monitors, and an acoustically-designed room makes a better sounding recording in less time! And that engineer has the experience to mix and master your recording in LESS time, and in a recording studio TIME is MONEY!


We have the professional tools to make you sound your best, AND a professional engineer/producer/musician with 25 years experience, as well as over 500 albums including a Grammy-nominated CD and major label credits.


By using a professional studio you accomplish more with less time, and therefore less MONEY!


And remember - ALL that matters is THE SOUND!


Located in the Willis Performing Arts Center

in the Willis Music Superstore, 7567 Mall Rd. in Florence, KY


For a quote call 513.607.9855 or email


Listen to some audio samples.

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